Hojo Salon

about our courses


Enjoy the incense and express it

Spend some time meditating and reflecting on the different incense such as sandalwood, aloeswood and agarwood.
Paint the images that come to your mind during your meditation.
Your drawings will be accompanied by music using a Photo Music program.

Fight of tea

Ask for the tea then fight with it

Learn about common Japanese tea such as SENCHA, BANCHA and GYOKURO.
Not only will you learn about its history, production and different kinds of tea, but you will also use your mind and tongue to “fight” with it.
Just drinking is never enough.
Discover a new relationship with tea.


Trip to experience Magic Hours

Visit ENRYAKUJI temple on Mt. HIEI. 
Try your hand at ZAZEN, the age-old practice of copying sutra by hand. Indulge in vegetarian cuisine.
Enjoy the sunset and rest under the stars during the temple's most magical hours. 
Harmonize your inner core with the outside environment.